Jumping shoes

Everyone knows the little frog. It has a pair of proud legs, with superb jumping power, which is amazing. This leg is its right-hand man to catch bugs, a powerful leg kick, a long tongue roll, giving the bugs a quick and accurate lore.

The frog’s bouncing power is so strong, I can’t help but think: how good would it be to invent a pair of jumping shoes. The pair of jumping shoes are beautiful in appearance. The pale green lotus leaves are set against a few pink lotus flowers. Below is the sparkling lake water, and a few cute frogs squat on the lotus leaves.

Jumping shoes are different from other shoes. Put it on, as long as you press a number again, jump as high as you want. Jumping shoes are exclusive to lazy people. As the grade increases, the floor of the classroom becomes higher and higher, and climbing stairs every day can be exhausting. But putting on jumping shoes is different. You can jump from the first floor to the floor you want to go with just one swipe. Jumping shoes are exclusive for small people. Want to get something high and you can’t get it? Putting on jumping shoes, no matter how high it is.

Jumping shoes make people’s lives more convenient. Now that technology is so advanced, I believe that scientists will invent jumping shoes in the near future!