The newest means of transportation is born. It can run without oil or electricity, or instead of bicycles!

The newest means of transportation is born. It can run without oil or electricity, which will replace bicycles!

Did the students think of owning a pair of spring shoes during physical examination at school? Like the old high jump shoes in the movie, the physical examination passed easily. In fact, there are such spring shoes in reality, but the elasticity is much inferior to that in the movie. After all, the movie has exaggerated elements. A KangooJumps company in the United States has developed a spring shoe.

As long as you put on these shoes, you can jump more than a meter high with a little effort and walk like a tiger. The original intention of this shoe design is to help patients do rehabilitation exercises. Isn’t this a bit nonsense? In fact, the principle is quite simple, and it sounds reasonable. The elasticity of these shoes is very good, which can absorb 80% of the impact and protect the knees and ankles. However, after this shoe was launched, it was broken by young people. After wearing it, I had a lot of fun, and some gyms even offered dog blood courses like spring shoe exercises. Don’t say that there are really many people in this class, which surprised the design company, but looked back. When the reaction came, I lowered the donkey and let this shoe and roller skates be sold as entertainment sports equipment.

The structure of this shoe is actually very simple. The difference with roller skates is that under the roller skates is a row of wheels, but under this shoe is a spring bracket made of high-strength plastic. While ensuring elasticity, it also Reduced weight, the rubber band in the middle can be adjusted according to the weight of the wearer, the maximum load is 85 kg, you need to adapt to it just after putting it on, after a few simple attempts, you will be able to master this spring shoe, the operation is very Easy to learn. Bounce some of the non-slip texture below, which can effectively reduce the risk of slipping. It seems to be very fun. When you wear your body, wear such jumping shoes. It is estimated that it can be 5 cm longer. This new The birth of the vehicle, without oil and electricity, may replace bicycles.

However, the aerobics of this bounce shoe really looks like a square dance, with an inexplicable sense of joy, what do you think?